Who we are

The Chief Science Advisor for 1250 is Dr. Michael MacCracken, currently Chief Scientist for Climate Change programs at the Climate Institute. Mike was also President of the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (members of which are the national academies of science in about 50 nations); provided key expert testimony for the Supreme Court’s Massachusetts vs. EPA, (case giving U.S. President the right to regulate stationary-sourced CO2 through EPA); and has been a significant figure in climate science for decades.

Leading Scientists

Arctic Sunrise, Scientists
Peter Wadhams, UK
One of the world’s leading sea ice scientists, Peter Wadhams is Distinguished Professor at Cambridge University, and is also President of the¬†International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Ocean, Commission on Sea Ice. Peter was one of three lead review editors of the most recent United Nations IPCC Report (Fifth Assessment Report, 2013), for the opening key Summary for Policymakers.

stephen salter
Stephen Salter, UK
Well known as the inventor of modern wave energy, Stephen Salter won the Royal Academy‚Äôs Sustained Achievement Award for this work in 2012, the world’s top Nobel-equivalent prize in the field of engineering. Stephen is Professor Emeritus at University of Edinburgh, and probably the foremost engineer working on the technique known as marine cloud brightening.


me w gaia
Nathan Currier, U.S.
Currier’s founding of 1250 is an outgrowth of his interests in methane and near-term climate dynamics, and his concern, along with co-founder Gary Houser, for the growing climate emergency. He served as methane specialist and senior climate advisor for Public Policy Virginia, has been been published by MIT Press, and writes on climate for the Huffington Post. He is a classical composer who has won many awards including the Academy Award of the American Academy of Arts & Letters, for lifetime achievement in composition.

Gary Houser, U.S.
Gary Houser is a passionate climate activist and public interest writer who was also a founding member of the Arctic Methane Emergency Group.

Supporting members of 1250:

Jonathan Baker
Mary Catherine Bateson
Barbara Beaudot
Paul Beckwith
Omar Cabrera
Clinton Callahan
Sam Carana
Paul Cassidy
Stuart Collins
Malay Dave
Clark Davis
Dorsi Diaz
Ze dompt
Donald Florence
Laura Fronckiewicz
Gregory Hart
Michael Hayes
A. G. Hudgens
William Knauss
Stefan Kral
Joseph Krawczyk
Ronal Larson
Patrick Longfield
Mike Male
Steve Mann
Daniel Max
John McClure
Mike Mintz
Tenney Naumer
John Noble
Carmen Oldenburg
Mark Oliver
Bru Pearce
Ian Perrin
Stan Peterson
William Plain
Michelle Prater
Quentin Prideaux
Brian Rader
Joseph Reid
Uwe Reisenleiter
Carol Ride
Alan Roth
Steve Rothboeck
Laurent Rouchairoles
Glen Sanders
Katherine Schick
Dave Schneider
Paul & Bev Schofield
Helen Shaw
Tim Siftar
Justin Singer
Bill Stahl
Mel Strawn
John Strohl
Howard Tarpey
David Tattershall
Michel van Delft
Colin Walsh
Nico Willoughbysmith
Emily York
Jeff Young
Carol Zhou

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