Background for understanding 1250

Slideshows covering core topics
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1250 Basics

1250's '101' Slideshow, introducing its basic concept.

This slideshow goes over the basic arguments, and puts forth the grounds for supporting the 1250 approach.

From Stockholm Environment Institute, on CCAC

This slideshow concerns a program begun by Hillary Clinton.

The Clean Air and Climate Coalition is now part of UNEP, and has goals similar to the non-CO2 cuts proposed by 1250. Elsewhere on this site the program is discussed, as are the reasons that it risks failure without large changes in implementation, requiring more public scrutiny and pressure.


wwf arctic feedback55

Conventional Introduction to Arctic Feedbacks.

From the World Wildlife Fund, a view of Arctic Feedbacks

This slideshow presents a conventional view of arctic feedbacks.

Methane’s Radiative Forcing and the GWP

COMING SOON: A Primer on methane and its climate impacts.

COMING SOON: This slideshow will introduce the basic climate impacts of methane, and clear up recent confusion about methane’s Global Warming Potential, or GWP.

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